The new supercar Porsche Cayman New from the German car company has released almost at the finish line complete their tests.

According to the data, the novelty will be equipped with advanced lighting, modern lighting fixtures, robotic gearbox, engine power of 315 and 265 “horses”, and will feature an ergonomic spacious interior.

Model Cayman New, is expected to be presented in the first half of 2012. Tentatively on sale in the European market of new Porsche will be the price range of 53-thousand euros.

At present, the development of research in the field of neuroscience local lesions of the brain is, on the one hand, the path of expansion concerns the study of systemic physiological mechanisms of the various neuropsychological symptoms and syndromes in general, and on the other – on the way to improve the methodological apparatus (mathematical treatment EEG data from a computer, etc.).

One of the most important areas of modern domestic neuro-psychological rehabilitation direction is devoted to recovery leniyu higher mental functions disturbed due to local infection by the brain.
Patriotic neuropsychology opened up new opportunities for the critical area of ​​practice is to restore functions damaged as a result of local brain lesions. This direction is based on common neuropsychological concepts of the brain, develops the principles and methods of rehabilitative training of patients after locally brain disease. This work began during the Great Patriotic War, when the domestic psychologists (Luria, Leontiev, B.V.Zeygarnik, S.Ya.Rubinshteyn, AV Zaporozhets, BG Ananiev , V.M.Kogan, L.V.Zan-ing, S.M.Blinkov, E.S.Beyn and many others) are actively involved in the development of the problem of restoring speech and motor functions after a war injury. Central to this work played a team of psychologists Rehabilitation Hospital in Kisegach (in the Urals), headed by Luria. The theoretical results of this work – in the form of general concepts and principles of restoration of disturbed mental functions – have been formulated in a generalized form of monographs and A.V.Zaporozhtsa Leontiev (1945), Leontiev and TS Ginevskii (1947) and Luria (1948).

During these years, the center position was put forward the concept of neuro-psychological rehabilitation of the fact that the recovery of complex mental functions-tion can only be achieved by rebuilding damaged, functional systems, which resulted in compensated mental function begins to be implemented through a new ‘set’ psy-ray funds, which implies a new brain and its organization.
To determine the “set” psychological tools is required thorough psychological analysis (qualification) defects using neuropsychological diagnostics (Luria, 1948, 1962, 1973, etc.).

After World War II domestic psychologists (V.M.Kogan, E.S.Beyn, L.S.Tsvetkova, T.V.Ahutina, E.N.Vinarskaya, V.M.Shklovsky, etc.) continued to develop the system of scientific justified by the method of recovery of disturbed functions. The most intensive ve-las working to restore speech activity. Developed and successfully used methods for recovery of expressive and impressive speech and memory and intellectual activity (E.S.Beyn, 1964 L.S.Tsvetkova, 1972, 1985, 1997, “Problems of aphasia …”, 1975; B. M.Shklovsky, 1998, etc.).

Currently in the field of neuropsychology is fur-ther expansion of subjects, the spread of neuropsychological principles of recovery to other, non-verbal mental processes, complex motor functions, as well as the identity of the patient as a whole (V.L.Naydin, 1980, “Neuropsychological studies … “, 1981; Zh.M.Glozman, 1987, etc.). Great strides in the field of neuropsychological rehabilitation explained enormous potential neuropsychological approach to the restoration of mental functions and are primarily related to the development of neuropsychological theory, which once again confirms the validity of the catch phrase that there is nothing more practical than a good theory.
In the 70-ies of XX century on the initiative Luria began to form but-new direction – neuropsychology of childhood. The need to co-building dictated by the specific features of mental disorders in children with local brain lesions. As the clinical observations in early childhood defeat cortex of the left hemisphere is not accompanied by a characteristic speech-impaired adults. Other than in adults, and are the symptoms of the right hemisphere of the brain. There was a need for a special study of the “children’s” neyropsihologiche-cal symptoms and syndromes, description and compilation of facts. To do this, be required for the special work “adapted” to the child’s age, methods of neuropsychological studies and how to improve them.

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